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The best stories we tell are those coming from the heart.  My blog is simply that - stories from my heart that I hope will speak to yours.  One fun story I remember was a trip to the beach when I was a child. My blue spider beach slippers made that day memorable (wink). That recollection started me off on writing a book and this blog. It wasn't easy but as I wrote, I got encouraged to keep going. The stories you'll find here will be about my experiences, learnings, insights, various trivia, and little known facts I’ve picked along the way. Those will not be complete though without showing who God is, what He taught me and made me understand, and what He has in store for you, the reader.


It is my hope that my weekly uploads will inspire and warm your heart as they did to me while writing them. Enjoy :-) .


​Lorelei "Li" M. Juaneza

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Encourage. Inspire. Smile.

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