December 2018 

It’s a beautiful balmy morning, a little gray but the temperature is just right. I think I may just have contradicted myself in that sentence, but for me, the weather is just perfect for the last day of 2018.

Happy New Year

It’s 4:40am. I just finished doing a 10-minute stretch. My shoulders and arms are aching from the vacuuming and mopping I did yesterday.

Christmas Decorations

We may be missing out on something great when we over analyze things. Analysis paralysis – I have heard this mentioned a few times when describing something that happens during meetings and discussions.


My family loves road trips. I cannot remember a time growing up when we did not travel during summers and long breaks. There is one particular trip to the beach when I was about four or five that I will never forget.

Bucket & Spade

I wrote this article for a magazine back in May 2014. Unfortunately, the magazine folded and this article was never published. I am putting it here as a way to honor our men and women in uniform.


A video appeared on my feed recently and caught my attention. The title was, “I Stopped Believing in God After Pastoring A Mega Church.”

Girl and Cat

We found that food, fireworks, social media, and revelry are not the only ways to start the new year.

Red and Blue Fireworks

“That looks good,” I remarked to Jay. “The color combinations are good.” Jay paused a little and had a bewildered look on his face. “Really?” He looked taken aback by my comment.

Colorful Shape

The girl was miserable. Her boyfriend whom she loved and worked with could not accept that she was doing a much better job than him. He went out of his way to make her feel that and at one point made some nasty remarks about her . . .