February    2019  

Love is . . .

In today’s Facebook era, it's easy to accumulate friends by clicking or tapping the “add friend” button. Out of the hundreds or thousands (for some) of friends that you have, how many express philia or love because of deep friendship?

Heart & Hands

It’s Valentine’s Day! I was supposed to blog about a different topic on love but I guess there’s no better time than today to write about romantic love, especially among married couples.

Happy Valentine's Day 2
Family Trip

Our parents loved as first.  Now that we're older and they have advanced well in years, how do we love them back? Part of truly having an abundant life is loving and honoring our parents.

We have given love our own definitions, conformed them to our standards, and used them as a means to an end turning love into a word with a convoluted meaning. Before we resign love to what it has evolved because of human and world standards, let’s look at this first.