July   2020


We are in the midst of that kind of a pause “pregnant” with a lot of hope, aspirations, dread, worry – a lot of emotion and meaning – all of which affects the steps we’re taking while living in the time of COVID19. While in this pause what are we pregnant with?


The reality of having to live alongside a virus that has no vaccine is slowly setting in. All of our decisions and movements are now hinged on COVID19. We need inspirational encouragement to live in restrictive times.

Crowd with Masks

Ryan told us how he looked out beyond the bow of the ship toward the ocean. He gripped the wheel and focused on making sure the wheel was not moving to the right or the left and kept his eyes forward.

Steering Wheel Grunge

Alex our neighbor was calling from our front yard. I went out to meet him and saw that he was carrying a pot. "My mom cooked pancit (stir-fried noodles) and would like you to have some of it." I was so surprised and touched because it was not a small pot. Its contents may last up to three meals, I thought excitedly.