March    2019  

Millennials, Xennials, iGen


The millennial generation was born in the world of high speed technology, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, genderqueer, and social media. They've introduced new words, gave different meanings to old words effectively creating new slang in the 21st century.

While preparing for this week's blog, I went through some sort of "funk" I couldn't shake off. A heavy fog surrounded me and I knew that I was spiralling down into a hole that I may not be able to get out off.  I also knew that in order to get out of that hole I had to intentionally push all dark thoughts to the side. I needed inspirational encouragement.

Sad Girl
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I was not able to blog last week as I was traveling. Once again, I experienced first-hand how social media dependent we have become. We checked travel vlogs and reviews for spots we were going to visit or places of interest people talked about.  Nope, this is not a travel or food blog.