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A Defining Year

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It’s a beautiful balmy morning, a little gray but the temperature is just right. I think I may just have contradicted myself in that sentence, but for me, the weather is just perfect for the last day of 2018.

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The whole year went by so fast that I can’t believe 2019 is just less than 24 hours away.

I was with friends last week and was asked how 2018 was for me. The year began with a realization that my new life work will be about writing. I had finished the previous year with a coffee table book launch.

Being involved in publishing a book is in itself a whole different story but that served as a jump-start for my whole 2018. Talk about a slow starting diesel engine!

I knew I was supposed to write a book about me.

At first, I wrote about random ideas and topics that interest me. There were quite a few but there were none that developed into a sensible or comprehensible article. I wrote in circles which was frustrating me to the ground until I finally dropped it altogether.

Really? About me?

Writing about me and my experiences was draining and pointless. There were a thousand other people who had much more interesting stories to tell and who had a knack for telling them too. By this time, it was the second half of the year and I felt stuck. I couldn’t go forward because I didn’t know how to. I couldn’t go back because there was no reason for that. I finally did what I should’ve have done in the first place. I went to the Lord and let all my disgruntlement out.

Right in the middle of that, He spoke in a still small voice, “This is about Me as told through your life stories.” Just then a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Yes, this is about Him after all. He was the one who gave me meaning and a purpose to live. My life destiny leads to Him. All that I’ve been through and going through show who He is. His love is revealed as I experience triumphs and heartbreaks. My identity as His child, His daughter is affirmed while I take “trust steps” with Him.

A comforting word from God before I started writing.

In the next few days, I began to write with a different drive. I finished articles in less than a few hours – research and edits included. Within four months I was able to finish writing a book which contains anecdotes, learnings, experiences, and some interesting random facts.

It is a book which I hope and pray leads the reader to a fresh understanding of who God is as our Father and what He has for us when we trust in Him. The book is currently being edited and hopefully it comes out sometime next year.

So now 2018 is ending. What am I looking forward to in 2019? I know that writing will continue to be central in my life. I know too that I can rest in the Father and be secure in the coming days.

To those of you reading this, I pray that 2019 will be a year when you will have a fresh revelation of who you are as a child of God. It is only when we know in our minds and especially in our hearts who we truly are will we have peace that can never be shaken.

A blessed 2019 to you!

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