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Let it sprout!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I did it again. The poor seeds didn’t stand a chance. I really thought that by watering them once a day I was actually being a good gardener. Well, I did not overwater them but left them a little dry, sigh.

The "resting" soil.

The plot begins

A few weeks before the new year, we started a vegetable garden. We finally found a gardener, Mang Roque, who works in some of the houses in the village. The plot was prepared and left for several days so that the garden soil can “rest”. Seeds were then planted in pots for germination.

In the meantime, I faithfully watered (sprayed) the seeds every afternoon because I heard some time ago that soil best absorbs water at this time of the day because it’s cooler.

Growth not tended

I should have listened to my Mama. She kept telling me to water the plants in the morning AND afternoon. Why waste water or drown the poor seeds to their death – my logic. What I didn’t know was seeds undergoing germination should be watered twice a day. Only when they have grown into full grown plants is it okay to water them well once a day.

Half of the seeds started to sprout and the other half didn’t. Just when you thought things could not get worse, the Christmas holiday break kicked in and Mang Roque went to the province for the holidays. We were also out a good deal because of the parties and different activities of the season. The plot was left neglected.

I'll get those itchy worms one day.

As the new year set in and everything started to go back to normal, Mang Roque came and salvaged what survived. The ampalaya (bitter gourd) sprouts endured and were replanted but the worms had already gotten to the spinach. Onion and pechay (snow cabbage) seeds were sown while lemongrass and pandan were planted.

“Lumaki kayo!”

That’s what Mang Roque kept saying while planting the seeds - “Grow!” - which makes a lot of sense because talking to plants actually help them grow better. No, I have not gone plant-crazy.

The Royal Horticultural Society of UK conducted a study with Charles

Darwin’s great granddaughter. They recorded her reading Darwin's On the Origin of Species and played them to tomato plants. Those that heard her grew a bit taller than the control plant. If a reading of a scientific treatise enhances plant growth, what more with encouraging and soothing words? I resolved to start speaking to the sprouts (How about singing?).

Learn what God will show you during the planting and harvesting processes.

This is what my friend Jhoanna recently told me when I shared about our new vegetable plot. Well, patience is definitely key. We wait as the soil rests, seeds germinate, and plants grow. The plot requires a full commitment. You have to tend it with love and care so that it will yield well. Much like life, it is a good reflection and a reminder as we start 2020. Looking forward to a good harvest in a few weeks and a planting of new seeds too.

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